How to Find a Job in The Middle of a Pandemic, as a Recent University Graduate.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Needless to say that this year has been weird for the most of us. If you are like me, and you have just graduated from University, you have probably encountered a few barriers when it comes to finding a full-time gig.

After sending a few dozen of my resumes on LinkedIn and not receiving any callbacks, I started getting a little nervous. I realized that I had to take the bull by the horns if I wanted to land my dream job. These are a few tips tricks that I used in order to stand out amongst a crowd of applicants:

1. Ask yourself: what do I really want?

In this market, it is easy to become desperate and frantically send your C.V. to firms or apply to jobs that you have very remote interest in. This is not the answer. You would only end up settling for something you might like and if getting it, do the job halfway through. Find a niche or job where you know you can learn something. A place where there is room for growth and independence. Most importantly, that you look forward to work to, not for monetary reasons, but because the challenge excites you. If you don’t exactly know what you want at this stage, it is perfectly fine. However, I truly recommend finding a firm with whom you share some values and whose company culture fits well with you.

2. Revamp your CV

Yes, you read me right. If you thought that putting minimal effort into writing your resume would at least land you an interview where you could prove yourself later… you are so wrong my friend. Those times are over. Make sure your CV looks professional and its contents fit on one page. The information must be concise and easy to read for hiring managers. Forget about the endless job descriptions. Write about key tasks that will make you stand out and can be backed by quantitative numbers.

2. Learn how to SELL yourself

Who would want to hire you if you wouldn’t even hire yourself? Don’t be shy to put a spotlight on your finest attributes. This is one of the only times when being a braggart can be useful. Before obtaining the job, you have to convince them that you are the best qualified candidate for it and you will bring them VALUE. This all starts with the cover letter. Remove all generic sentences from the letter, as it needs to be attuned to the companies you’re applying to. Do some research on them. Even better, provide them with a few sentences on what you would do the improve the company. Mention why you want to work there specifically and how they inspire you.

4. Reach out to people

If everything else fails, you can reach out to people whose career inspires you. Message them on LinkedIn and ask them for a coffee and advice on potential career paths or even to review your CV. Ask for your former bosses to send out your CV for you or write you a recommendation letter. If you’re applying to a specific position and haven’t heard back from them, find the president of the company and send him or her your CV directly. Write a few sentences on why you want to work for his or her firm. What’s the worst thing that can happen to you? You will either get a positive answer and get an interview or get denied. So what? You are already setting yourself apart from other candidates by showing that you had the courage to be bold.

Now is not the time to be patient… take control of your job search!

This is my first article ever written on medium. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I am excited to share it with this community. If you found it helpful or were able to connect with it on some level please give it a “clap”. Feel free to reach out and good luck!